More than 100,000 Mainers are without health insurance 

More than 100-thousand Mainers don’t have health insurance, the reason, it’s expensive and confusing.

To fix the health care system, some say we must first know what we’re paying for.

When Helen Hanson signed up for health insurance she knew about the 10-thousand dollar deductible, what she didn’t know is that it was applied to everyone in her family

&quot:That means all 3 of us have to get sick, which is just ahhhhh. I could not believe it. I was in shock.&quot:

On top of the Hanson’s 3-hundred dollar monthly premium, 30-thousand dollars would have to come straight from their pockets before the insurance company spent a dime.

&quot:Increasingly the system has been developed around the needs of insurance companies and patients are the last to be considered.&quot:

With help from the group, Consumers for Affordable Healthcare, representative Sharon Treat will submit a bill this session to make changes within Maine’s healthcare system making it easier for consumers to see the money trail…

The Maine Medical Association, which represents more than 3-thousand doctors in the state supports the initiative that would make companies show rates and require at least 85-percent of premium costs from consumers go directly to medical care.

&quot:not the insurance company CEO’s pockets so they go vacation where it’s warm.&quot:

It would also require doctors to share their rates *before* you get the bill.

&quot:if you needed bypass surgery, for example, you might want to know with certainty up-front what the costs would be and what your health insurance plan would cover or not cover.&quot:

In addition, the proposal suggests physicians across the state be rated on quality. Another measure some say would give Mainers the information they need to make informed decisions about how to handle their healthcare needs.