Four Points Hotel in Bangor Redone 

The Four Points Hotel at the Bangor Airport just underwent major modifications.

This is the hotel’s third round of renovations since the company acquired the property in 1981.

Representatives from the city says it’s important to have the Four Points in top condition because for many visitors it’s their first impression of Bangor.

For Gerry Chase, the President of Newcastle Hotels, renovations of this hotel are particularly meaningful.
&quot:The renovation in some cases is equivalent to a new build of a hotel this size. So it was a major committment, major investment, but it’s done very well for the company and the other part of it is it’s kind of special for us a lot of sentimental value to us, this being our first hotel.&quot:

The renovations include a new indoor pool and re-done guest rooms.

The hotel also completely re-designed the lobby, added a fire place, and redid the restaurant.