Ellsworth Project to provide clean water 

The Department of Transportation is going to reconstruct route One-A from the Union River bridge to the Red Bridge Road.

Ellsworth officials say it’s the perfect time to extend their water lines.

They say it will bring clean drinking water to an area where wells were contaminated by an oil processing business years ago.

And it will run water lines to the city’s industrial park, which should encourage more growth there.

City Manager Michelle Beal said. &quot:The city has been looking to extend its water mains out to the Bangor road for quite a few years but it’s been very, very expensive to do that and we’ve never had a great opportunity where we could get the funding together.&quot:

The Department of Environmental Protection has agreed to give one million dollars for the project.

The city is looking into ways to get another million.

And city officials are working with the Department of Transportation to get the work done while the road is already under construction.