School Bus Accident in Corinth 

A scary ordeal Wednesday afternoon for children aboard a school bus in Corinth.

They were on the way home when their bus was struck from behind on Route 15.

Penobscot Sheriff’s Deputies say the bus had stopped to let off some kids when an elderly driver apparently didn’t spot the bus in time.

The man was unable to brake in time, and his car slammedagainst the rear of the bus, sliding underthe back bumperall the way tothe car’swindshield.

The man, who has not been identified, was brought to the hospital to be checked out for minor injuries.

Rescuers had their hands full sorting out the details and making sure all the kids were safe according to Deputy Bob Pelletier of the Penobscot Sheriff’s Department.

&quot:It’s pretty extensive when you have a bus full of children. you have to go through and interview each child and make sure there’s no injuries. get contact information for both parents…just in case they have injuries down the road which is not uncommon.&quot:

None of the young students were injured in the crash itself, but some apparently slipped when they were getting off the bus.

They were all transferred to another bus to continue their journey.