Bangor Man Wants Life Sentence Overturned 

A man from Bangor convicted of beating and suffocating a man from Glenburn is asking the state Supreme Court to overturn his life sentence.

A lawyer for Peter Tuller told the Court Wednesday that the jury verdict, by itself, should not justify a life sentence.

Last March, Tuller was found guilty of murdering 47-year-old Michael Demmons.

In June of 2006, Demmons’ body was found in an apartment in Bangor, hog-tied with plastic trash bags over his head.

Tuller’s lawyer, Verne Paradie argued that a life sentence in Maine can only be imposed after a judge makes certain factual findings.

&quot:The real effect in this case is that the required judicial findings in the case against Mr. Tuller exposed him to a greater punishment that was authorized solely by the jury’s verdict.&quot:

Tuller’s lawyer argues his client’s sentence violates his Sixth Amendment rights related to criminal prosecutions, and is unconstitutional.

The Justices did not rule on the case Wednesday.