Stimulus Scam? You Decide 

From counterfeit check schemes to bogus sweepstakes there are thousands of scams delivered through the mail every day.

TV5 News uncovered the latest ploy.

It wants you to spend fifty dollars in return for what is called a &quot:real estate stimulus check.&quot:

But there’s really no such thing.

66-year old Jo-anne Armstrong received what looked like a 7-thousand dollar check in the mail, attached was an 800-number to call.

When armstrong dialed she got a recording, which talked about how you can get money through foreclosures – the recording urges the caller to order a kit for $49.95 to find out how.

Armstrong says she worried some may see the word stimulus thinking if they order the kit they’ll receive a stimulus check.

There are no stimulus checks being delivered through the mail at this time, however, Congress is currently working on a stimulus package.

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