Make 2009 the year you learn more about your money! 

Adult Education programs throughout the state provide many inexpensive classes to help you. Adult education focuses on five areas: Literacy, high school completion, college preparation, business training and personal enrichment.

Augusta:Making the Most of Your money

Ellsworth: managing Your Financial Life and a course entitled Investments 101

Bangor: As part of their 14-week high school diploma course Bangor offers Personal Finance and Basic Economics. Greg Leavitt is willing to have people sit in on that one class if there is interest. Call him direct at 992.5523

SAD 22 (Hampden, Winterport, Newburgh): Your Guide to Kids and Money, A Man’s Not a Financial Plan, and more as well as Intro to Personal Investing offered in Newburgh

My husband, bless his heart, says he’d rather have a pencil in his eye than attend one of these classes but other understand the value of learning about finances! Show my husband that he’s wrong and sign up with your local adult ed today.

Marion R. Syversen, MBA – President



Check out or website that includes weekly streaming videos &lt:

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