Consumers worried about Ethanol problems in small engines…. 

You put it in most everything that has an engine….

But some folks say the ethanol that’s found in gas these days, is causing problems in smaller engines, like snow mobiles and chain saws……

But, as Cori Skall explains, there may be something you can do about it….

&quot:Yesterday i had probably 30 phone calls about ethanol…people want to know what they’re gonna do to not burn their motors down.&quot:

Bob Overlock has owned bob’s small engine sales and service in Bucksport for 32 years….

He says he’s never seen folks so concerned about fuel…..or more specifically, what’s in this new blend of gas….

&quot:Well, it goes through the crank shaft, the bearings, the gears, and right up there, taking the rings out and just disintegrates the motor, you know.&quot:

&quot:Ethanol, just the way it is, attracts water….and water in any engine or gas tank, isn’t a good thing, so….immediately, we haven’t seen any problem, but we do expect one down the road.&quot:

Kurt thomas at bangor motor sports, says there are some additives you can buy, that work with the ethanol, to make it run more smoothly….

But he says, adding dry gas is not a good solution….

&quot:You end up with more alcohol in your engine…and potentially you’ll have an engine failure from that.&quot:

Folks from the bureau of air quality, at the d-e-p, say they’ve set up an ethanol section on the maine-dot-gov website, since the state started using ethanol, in place of MTBE’s…

&quot:It started showing up in our gasoline, here in maine, spring last year, and by november of last year, if was being used pretty much state wide.&quot:

&quot:Overlock says if you want to make sure your small engines are good to go, the best thing to do…call the manufacturer.&quot:

&quot:when you go to get that ethanol at the pump, they gotta put something in it, and a lot of it, 1 ounce to 10 gallons of gas…to save you a 700 dollar motor job.&quot:

Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 news.&gt: