An old internet scam that aims to scare people into ponying up cash to stay alive has reared its head in Maine.

A Dixmont man who received the threat wants to spread the word before someone becomes a victim.

&quot: My duty, as I am mailing this to you now, it just to kill or assasinate you.&quot:

John Chauvin of Dixmont woke up to a pretty startling email Saturday morning….

&quot: Someone you call a friend, wants you dead by all means, and the person has spent a lot of money on this.&quot:

&quot: He provided us with your name, picture and other necessary information we needed about you.&quot:

&quot: As I am writing you now, my men are monitoring you and they are telling me everything about you.&quot:

&quot: Get back to me now, if you are ready to pay some fees to spare your life.&quot:

&quot: And then, in capital letters, it says, warning–do not try to contact the police, or tell anyone, because I will know.&quot:

&quot: I will extend it to your family, in case I notice something funny.&quot:

But Chauvin, who’s run an internet ebay business for years, is no dummy when it comes to the web.

&quot: We know when its spam, and when its not.&quot:

&quot: I knew it wasn’t true, but there could be people out there who are going to think that someone’s out to get them, and ex wife or ex business partner or just someone.&quot:

State Police are investigating…

When we searched the web, we found that email scams like this one have been circulating for years…

&quot: I mean, I have never seen anything as scary or threatening.&quot:

&quot: I figured if i called the police right away, and told them this isn’t right, sounds like a terrorist, maybe they could help someone else, and prevent them from sending them your mortgage or your food money for the entire month.&quot:

&quot: I am not deterred by this in anyway. It just aggravates me that someone would take so much time to try to give you a message that any smart people would to the same thing that I did.&quot:

State Police say if you do get an threatening email like Chauvin did, do not respond to it, but don’t delete it either, as it may be used as evidence if the authorities get involved.