It happened just after Five PM on route Nine near the Eddington Store.Penobscot County Sheriff’s Deputies say 46-year-old Maureen Waltz was crossing the road after getting her mail when she was hit by a pickup truck with a plow attached the vehicle had been travelling east toward Clifton.Waltz was killed instantly.Chief Deputy Troy Morton says officers don’t know too many details yet, as they’re still piecing together what happened.But he wants to stress to folks how important it is to use care when crossing busy roads in the dark. &quot: Always have a flashlight, make sure you’re travelling in a lit area, and if possible cross the road during the day when you can be seen. With all the snowbanks we have and the lighting at this time of year, it’s very difficult for pedestrians to be seen that are out shoveling, snowblowing or even getting mail and crossing the road.&quot:This accident is still under investigation.Just weeks ago, a woman from Bangor was hit by a plow truck while crossing the road. She later died.