Health officials say every year, more than 7-thousand maine women are physically or sexually assaulted by their intimate partners.

But many crimes go unreported, now an Eddington woman is making her private battle with abuse, very public.

On a stretch of route 9 in Eddington, quiet on a wintry day Mary Spencer’s house speaks loudly.

&quot: And i think that people need to know that abuse is wrong. violence is wrong.&quot:

Spencer has turned her house into a billboard against domestic abuse.

She says she knows all too well the pain it causes.

&quot: It was sad. Really sad. Depression is real and that’s what abuse can do to somebody. That’s what happened to me as well as my son.&quot:

She says her now-seven-year old son, Storm, had nightmares from seeing the abuse.

&quot: Not only are our bodies breakable, but the minds are too. &quot:

She’s now out of that relationship and put the signs on her house around Cristmas, to let everyone know, she’s not scared anymore – and no one should be afraid to get help.

&quot: Making that initial phone call can be a really scary thing.&quot:

But – Catherine Kurr of Spruce Run says there is always someone who can listen and offer help if you find yourself in a bad situation.

&quot: Because everyone’s situation is different, it’s good to talk to someone, because everyone’s options are different as well.&quot:

&quot: It’s not okay. abuse – any kind – is not okay because it can ruin everything. it can ruin everybody’s life. we’re lucky to be coming back.&quot:

You can reach Spruce Run’s 24-hour hotline by calling 1-800-863-9909, or find out more about domestic abuse services at