The Dinner Store 

Stan and Alison Small love to make dinner – and now they’re using that passion to help others who don’t.

&quot:We both love to cook, love to eat and know how busy families can be.&quot:


Here folks without a lot of time can put together meals full of fresh ingredients – all of the shopping and chopping is done for them.

Then they’re packaged for home, to heat and eat later.

&quot:It takes time and effort to go to the store and figure out your menu and get all of the ingredients together and this kind of takes the hassle out of it.&quot:

&quot:Something that you know didn’t come from a can or a box or the freezer section of the grocery store. Just to kind of bring back some of the regular dinner time traditions, you know. Not out of a bucket or bag!&quot:

The original goal of the Dinner Store was to help families – but the Smalls say a lot singles and older couples are coming in, too.

&quot:We hadn’t really thought about how hard it would be to do a full dinner for one person or two people but we’ve heard a lot from people about just how much easier it is, on the smaller scale.&quot:

THE Smalls have also worked hard at making the meals affordable, which cost between $3.35 and $3.75 a serving.

And for a few cents more, they’ll put them together for you, for pickup.

&quot:Our prices aren’t any more expensive than if you were to got the grocery store and buy the stuff yourself and in most cases, it’s cheaper to purchase our meals than to buy all of the ingredients yourself.&quot:

And when it’s time to eat – just turn on the stove or start the microwave and enjoy.

&quot:You can really make the most of your time at home. It takes 20 minutes to make make mac and cheese and hot dogs – so it’s the same amount of time with a little better end result.&quot:

The Dinner Store also offers a monthly dinner special you can pick up any time, as a way to test out the meals.

To find out more about the Dinner Store, call 989-2188 or go to