Maggie’s Story 

They’re hoping more people make the life-saving decision to donate Maggie Rudnicki was only four weeks old when doctors discovered her body can’t make its own red blood cells. Since then, she’s relied on blood transfusions – about every two weeks – to keep her alive. &quot:it’s pretty rare – the condition that she has – there’s about 700 people in north america with it.&quot:

Maggie’s mom, Lauren, says there’s no cure for the disorder called diamond blackfan anemia and Maggie may eventually need a bone marrow transplant. Until then, she’s relying on the kindness of blood donors.

&quot:You see her hooked up to the needle with the blood running into here and you see that bag that has the big words volunteer donor on it and you can’t even express the gratitude you feel for a complete stranger that you’ve never met before and what they’ve done for you. They’ve given us the ultimate gift which is we have her here with us.&quot:

&quot:For me to take an hour out of my day to donate blood, it’s going to make it so her mom sees her first tooth coming in.&quot:

Heather Babcock with the Maine Blood Center in Bangor says Maggie’s story is just one example of how donors make a difference. &quot:every time you donate blood, you are saving somebody’s life you never met – you’ve touched so many lives with your one donation that it’s just – is an unbelieveable feeling.&quot:

January is national blood donor month and the center is dedicating the week of the 19th to Maggie, so volunteers can donate in her honor. Rudnicki says even if her daughter can’t use the blood – someone else can. &quot:She’s not the only person out there going through something like this.&quot: &quot:It’s an important thing, if people didn’t take the time out of their day to go do this, I wouldn’t be sitting here, holding her right now.&quot:

Maggie’s blood is &quot:a&quot:-positive but she’s also uses the universal blood type &quot:o&quot:-negative which the folks at the Maine Blood Center say they desperately need now. again…. the &quot:maggie’s week&quot: blood drive is January 19th through the 23rd.

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