White House Christmas Card has Maine Connection 

Tim Lawson of Rockport used his talent to help the president and first lady spread some christmas cheer. Lawson received a surprising phone call last February.

&quot:Our assistant said that the white house had called, and I kinda laughed… Oh ya the White House.&quot:

Laura Bush knew the Maine landscape artist’s work through mutual friends and liked it.

&quot:She asked if I would be interested in considering doing the artwork for this year’s Christmas card.&quot:

He went to the White House in March, where the first lady showed him the Truman balcony. He sketched the presidential view and then returned to his studio in Rockport, where he spent the summer finishing the painting.

&quot:I have a wonderful brother-in-law who has a great sense of humor and always see the larger picture and he would call me every couple weeks – ‘You finish that picture yet Don’t blow it! This is a big chance!’ ‘&quot:

Lawson eventually did finish the picture. He sent it to the first lady, and after a few fnanal adjustments, it was printed and sent out to over one-million people for the holidays. Lawson says the experience has been surreal.

&quot:It still seems like a dream, much of it, it’s a feeling that I’m not capable of thoroughly expressing or fully explaining.&quot:

But it was an opportunity he is greatful to have had.

&quot:It’s nice to think that you’ve played a tiny part in the history of the White House, or at least the Christmas tradition in the White House… And it was fun to do, but it was a lot more than fun, it was exciting and a great honor.&quot: