(BANGOR)- We have some good news to report about one of the missing dogs we told you about during our six oclock report Tuesday night…..

She’s been found…..

Both a pug and border collie animals were snatched in Bangor over the course of the week…..

Erwin Mctigue had chained his dog, Duke outside on New Years Eve and found him missing the next morning…..

Two days later… the Swoboda family of Old Town was shopping at the Airport Mall on Union Street when a store employee asked them if they had a dog in their car…..

When they went to check on their pug named Blanche, they discovered that the back door to the car was open and Blanche was gone…..

After seeing our story during the six oclock news, someone from the Old Town Animal Orphanage called and said they had a dog that matches the pugs description…..

And, Mark Swoboda called TV-5 to confirm it was their dog and he and some very happy kids were going to pick her up……

Mctigue is still looking for his border collie, Duke… and has offered a reward of one hundred dollars for the return of the dog…..

If you have any information, you can call him at 947-8227…..

Or you can contact the Bangor Police Department at 947-7384…..