The University System is looking at 8-million dollars in curtailments, on top of 19-million dollars in self-imposed budget cuts that were announced by school officials last year.

State lawmakers have the task of closing a 140-million dollar supplemental budget gap…..

Members of the Appropriations Committee say they’ll go line by line through the budget to find the savings… and say cuts will need to be made to services…..

Monday, they opened up three days of public hearings on the matter…..

Lawmakers heard from Commissioners of several departments who talked about how much cuts would affect the people of Maine…..

Maine citizens also spoke out about the proposed cuts…..

Senator Bill Diamond from Cumberland County says he’s hearing that people are very concerned, hoping their programs will not be cut, will not be reduced.

But in all fairness, Senator Diamond says, &quot:I think everybody’s programs are going to be reduced and some will be cut.&quot:

The budget package proposed last month by Governor Baldacci would eliminate 94 positions— including 40 layoffs… mostly in the Corrections department…..