Renowned Author/Scholar Dies 

Renowned Bangor author and teacher Burton Throckmorton has died.

Doctor Throckmorton taught for more than six decades.

He was the Hayes professor of New Testament Language and Literature at the Bangor Theological Seminary for 35 years.

He also taught in the honors program at the University of Maine until 2001.

Before moving to maine in 1951, Throckmorton taught at several prestigious universities, including Princeton and Columbia.

He was the author of several books, most notably, &quot:Gospel Parallels,&quot: which has been used as a teaching tool in theological schools throughout the country for more than fifty years.

Much of Throckmorton’s work was devoted to the translation of scripture into inclusive language…sensitive to gender, racial and ethnic sensibilities.

Dr. Throckmorton was also an ordained minister in the Presbyterian church.

He leaves behind his wife, Ansley Coe Throckmorton and two sons, Hamilton Throckmorton and our friend and co-worker here at TV5, Tim Throckmorton.

Burton Throckmorton is also survived by a sister and four grandchildren…

He was 87 years old.

All of us here at TV5 send our thoughts and deepest sympathy to the Throckmorton family.