Laura Fox Rolfe’s 100th Birthday 

&quot:She was born in 1908, in the town of East Lowell, in the family farm house.&quot:Laura Fox Rolfe has lived through 18 American presidents, and has seen the invention of the automobile, the television and the internet.Most of her years, she spent as a teacher in her hometown of Lowell, Maine.&quot:Tell me, how old are you today I am 100 years old today! And how do you feel at 100 years old I don’t feel it! No Course I don’t! Do I look it Not at all! I wouldn’t of had you over 60 myself! Alright! Well, now! That sounds good! Thank you!&quot:Rolfe, who hardly looks one hundred, says she enjoys a very health and active life.&quot:I like to read, I like to play the piano a lot. And if there’s a dance I won’t miss it!&quot:&quot:That’s one of my hobbies, it is! Fishing, yes! What do you like about fishing Well, its just fun!&quot:When you ask Rolfe what her favorite memories of the last one hundred years are, its a question she can’t answer.&quot:Oh, my lands! I couldn’t…there’s so much, Honey, I couldn’t begin to name them for you!&quot:But ask her family what they like best about &quot:Aunt Laura&quot:—That’s easy.&quot:Its just so nice to have her around.&quot:&quot:She spreads a lot of smiles around.&quot:&quot:I think that’s the great thing about her, its that she looks at everything as being such a joy, if everybody could be that way, it’d be kind of nice.&quot:&quot:She just thoroughly enjoys life. She doesn’t believe that she’d one hundred…she may be 100 but to her, she’s as old as you think you are as old as you feel, and that’s the way she lives her life.&quot: