Kids celebrate 

The New Year’s Eve celebrations started a little early, in bangor today…

As about a hundred kids gathered at the bangor mall for a &quot:Noon&quot: Year’s Eve party….

Our own Cori Skall was there for all the fun…..

&quot:Do you know what today is No. It’s New Year’s Eve! Oh yeah! Know what happens on New Year’s Eve Nope! They drop the big ball! Oh Yeah!&quot:

&quot:Why’s New Year’s Eve so special What does it mean&quot:

&quot:it’s gonna be 2009—and its gonna be the first day of January.&quot:

Radio station 105-seven, solution f-m, teamed up with the bangor mall, and the texas road house, to throw a special celebration for 3 through 8 years olds in the area….

&quot:today, we’re doing the *noon Year’s Eve* party for all the little kids who can’t stay up till midnight to watch the ball drop.&quot:

&quot:we thought by having something at noon, kids could make party hats, have a balloon drop, make a lot of noise, win some prizes and have some fun!&quot:

&quot:I made a triceratops mask and I got a balloon and I got my face painted like a balloon.&quot:

&quot:there’s actually prizes in each of the balloons, so the idea is for kids to kind of grab a balloon, and pop it and get whatever prizes are in there.&quot:

This is the fourth year the *noon* year’s eve celebration has taken place at the mall….

And this year, thanks to a donation of bubble wrap from the broadway UPS store, the kids got to add a little pop to the celebration!

&quot:the kids can jump on it and make fake fireworks.&quot:

&quot:I think our New Year’s message it just to remember to care for one another….Obviously a lot of things are gloomy right now, and anything we can do as a radio station to give parents something fun for their kids, that’s free, we’re trying to do.&quot:

&quot:Happy New Years!&quot:

Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor