Wardens Warn Fishermen of Thin Ice 

While Sunday’s warm weather was good news for most folks looking to get outside, the warmer temperatures aren’t helping ice fishing conditions.

Game Wardens are cautioning folks thinking about heading out onto the ice this week to think twice.

Ice fishing season begins on most bodies of water on january first.

But warden Rick Uuellette says ice conditions are *not* suitable for fishing in most areas right now, thanks to this recent warm weather.

He says it’ll take some time and some good cold weather before the ice gets thick enough.

Uuellette says anytime you do venture out onto a body of water, make sure you check it thoroughly…especially if you’re planning to take a snowmobile or vehicle onto the ice.

Ouellette says the best way to test the ice thickness is with an ice auger or chisel.

He also advises anyone heading out onto the ice to let someone know where you’re going to be and when they should expect you home.