Digging out from the storm 

Now imagine having say 75 or 100 cars to clean off. Photojournalist Tom Round was there when the folks at Linnehans cleaned up in Bangor.

&quot:If we’ve got forewarning, now on a Sunday it doesn’t usually happen like this but we usually try to get them all in a bunch, get’em corralled so that we can have as much plow space as possible.&quot:

&quot:Then we come in the next morning. We have to get all the snow off the cars&quot:

&quot:They’ll plow one runway. We get the cars moved out. We get the snow off off ’em. Then we get’em back in line so folks can come in the lot.&quot:

&quot:Right now you pray that inventory is down on a day like this. We have about 75 to 100 cars here right now so we get’em all cleared up.&quot:

&quot:It’s sort of a challenge to see how fast we can do that so we can get it going.&quot:

&quot:Probably from the time we start on it, it usually takes up until about noon.&quot:

&quot:Then invariably there’s one guy that won’t start.&quot:

&quot:You know he’s just a little bit weak so you gotta jump him.&quot:

&quot:Unfortunately they don’t cover this in orientation when you’re going out for this job. They just tell you about the sales end. They don’t say you’re gonna be in snow up to your knees&quot:

&quot:We all help each other. We’ll have to go back and line’em all up again. Make sure they’re straight. We just try to get’em out the way for this guy now so he can finish plowing.&quot: