Manna Ministries Christmas Dinner 

This year, they’re serving up a free holiday meal at the Parks and Recreation Center on Main Street.

Director Bill Rae says at least one-thousand people are expected to show up.

A couple of hundred last-minute guests could come, too.

Besides the meal, volunteers will also pass out Christmas presents.

Many of the families coming have already registered to receive gifts.

But Rae says anyone who walks in the doors is welcome to pick some up, too. &quot:Rather than sitting home and maybe feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have any food or don’t have any gifts, this is a place that you can come and find laughter and find fellowship and be with your neighbors. And maybe it’s only once a year but this is a great time to do it and this is a place to come.

The free Christmas meal will be served from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock Thursday.

Again, it’s at the Parks and Rec Center at 647 Main Street.

Everyone’s welcome to stop by.

Manna will also have buses driving around town to pick up people, too.