Food Drive Has Principal Seeing Pink 

For many students, Tuesday was the final school day before winter break.

The principal at Mattanawcook Junior High School in Lincoln ended up &quot:tickled pink,&quot: among other colors, by his students and their efforts to help others.

In the past, the students have held a food drive for the local food cupboard in Lincoln.

This year, the fifth grade class decided to raise money, by bringing in pennies.

&quot:It would take a lot of pennies to get to forty dollars, so I thought that was reasonable, so we thought if we went over it great, we come up with a hundred dollars, that would be great but forty seemed like a good goal to have.&quot:

Except the fifth graders raised ten times that amount in the first week.

They challenged other classes to each raise three hundred dollars.

Then things got interesting around the school.

&quot:And Mr. Malone added the challenge if we could bring in those nine hundred dollars worth of pennies that we could have his hair colored in front of the school so that was a little bit of momentum, but I don’t think we veered away from the effect that we could have on our community.&quot:

&quot:And to be real, I thought the goal was a little lofty and actually was hoping for it to be a little lofty.&quot:

&quot:We took a vote in our class and in our class we have 14 rainbow, 2 greens and 2 pinks.&quot:

&quot:I was surprised at how it took a life of it’s own, the goal itself I thought we could reach, it’s a very giving community and but I didn’t know the amount of excitement would come out of it in regards to doing the hair and these other kinds of things.&quot:

It was fun, but the kids did raise more than twenty two hundred dollars, which is a very valuable learning experience.

&quot:It teaches us how to give to our community and that it’s not all about just learning things in school it’s about learning life lessons.&quot:

&quot:I hope that they go out and they have a good time with it. I hope they’ve laughed today. I feel proud of the accomplishments they’ve done. Very rewarding.&quot: