Sherman Food Pantry Opens 

The idea came about during the summer, when gas prices reached record highs.

On Tuesday, after months of planning and preparation, those in need started walking through the doors at the new food pantry in Sherman.

&quot:There have been a lot of layoffs in some of the mills around here and I think that has shown in the people that have shown up here.&quot:

Here is the Sherman Municipal Building, and the food pantry opened up by the upper valley economic council. Up until now those who needed assistance had to travel at least a half hour to get to the nearest food pantry.

&quot:We saw that the closest place was Ludlow in Houlton so we decided to apply and we were accepted and then we also decided to add more food to the pantry so we joined the Catholic Charities of Maine.&quot:

On Monday they packed up 34 boxes of food like fruits, vegetables, and cereal. Some were set up for families, others were packed for a couple.

In 45 minutes half of those boxes were gone, proving that there is a need in the area.

&quot:Talking to the lady from the Catholic Charities of Maine they did not have a lot of outlets in Southern Aroostook so they were very excited about us joining them.&quot:

&quot:We have area people who traveled to Millinocket which we’ve heard you know, you find out so if you can help em, if they can’t afford food how are they going to get the gas to get there and then they’re taking away, so if we can find help in this area which we’ve done so it should be a burden let off and especially at christmas time what better time to be helping people.&quot:

And they are not refusing help to anyone.

The third Thursday of each month the food pantry will be open at the Sherman Municipal Building on School Street.

The hours are 9 am until 1 o’clock in the afternoon.