Newest Toll Hike Announced 

Tolls on the Maine Turnpike are going up as of February 1st.

In a unanimous vote, the turnpike’s board gave the green light on Tuesday raise tolls by an additional $20,000,000 per year for road and bridge repairs.

The new toll schedule minimizes increases for motorists who use the turnpike a lot and pay electronically.

Under the new rates, drivers who pay cash tolls will generally see higher percentage increases than those who pay electronically with a state-issued E-ZPass tag. Some E-ZPass rates will actually be reduced, and some will be the same as they are now.

The cash toll for the entire 106-mile length of the highway will be $5, which amounts to a rate of 4.7 cents per mile.

The turnpike’s current rate of 3.8 cents is one of the lowest in the country.