Dover-Foxcroft Family 

A popular waitress in Dover-Foxcroft is learning just what kind of town she works and lives in.

Over the weekend flames gutted the home of Theresa Spelios and her family. Co-workers and customers of Theresa’s are coming together to show her just how much they care.

Insurance agents spent part of Monday combing through Theresa Spelios’ home, that is, what’s left of it.

An early morning fire Sunday swept through the two-story structure. Theresa was home at the time, along with her fiance, 16-year-old son, and 11-year-old daughter.

&quot:She told me she originally had woken up to the smell of smoke, but it wasn’t flames. So she thought the wood stove had a problem. So she got up and she realized that it was more than just a damper problem. So she got everybody out of the house.&quot:

Five minutes later it was engulfed in flames. Theresa’s daughter lost her build a bear collection, her teenage son, a collection of paint ball equipment he had paid for with money earned from an after school job.

But word gets around quickly in Dover Foxcroft, and within hours of the fire, donations of clothes and money started coming into the restaurant where Theresa works, the Bear’s Den.

Owner Brian Westman set up the family in an efficiency apartment, and co-workers are planning to put on a benefit dinner for theresa and her family after the holidays.

As for the fire, Theresa told us it started in a wall behind the wood stove, and burned all the way to the roof. The family says they recently had the stove inspected and there wasn’t a problem.

&quot:She’s an awesome person and her kids are too, we’re just thankful that everybody’s fine and now it’s just moving on.&quot:

If you’d like to help Theresa Spelios and her family, donations can be dropped off at the Bear’s Den Restaurant at 73 North Street in Dover-Foxcroft.

You can also call 564-8733 for more information.