Pittsfield Teacher Inspires Community 

There’s no place Terri Kane would rather be than here.

But in the last 18 months she’s had to split her time between Warsaw Middle School and the hospital after doctors diagnosed her with stage four lung cancer. Her only symptom – a nagging cough.

&quot:I was extremely surprised, I thought maybe it was bronchitis or maybe whooping cough even – nope, no idea it would be lung cancer.&quot:

Kane was told she had ten months to live and to wrap up her education career. But she rejected the doctors recommendations and has never missed a day of class except for cancer treatments.

&quot:I love teaching and I know one day i’m going to have to stop but i’m not ready yet.&quot:

Kane also decide she wanted to use her lung cancer as a teaching point to show others its not just a smoker’s disease.

&quot:I always took good care of myself. I exercised, I don’t smoke.&quot:

&quot:I know people who have lung cancer who are embarrassed to say that it’s lung cancer because of the stigma of you were smoker – you must have brought it on yourself.&quot:

Kane’s journey is now a daily inspiration to staff and students.

&quot:Her positive attitude is amazing – even on her worst day she’s still one of the most positive people i’ve ever known.&quot:

&quot:She’s a really good role model because she just keeps going and has so much determination not to retire and stay here for us.&quot:

&quot:Everyday I want never want to come to school and I think that she has something actually wrong with here and she wants to get up everyday and come to school.&quot:

&quot:She’s one of my heros. Despite everything she stays here to teach us – we learn so much from her.&quot:

And it’s not over yet. Doctors say kane’s lungs look great – but just last week they found lesions on her brain. Her husband – and assistant vice principal here – says she starts another round of radiation immediately.

&quot:She has a great positive attitude about it and she’s determined that she’s going to survive. And i’m not betting against here – hahaha!&quot:

&quot:I want people to understand it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Life goes on even after stage 4 lung cancer and i’m living proof of that.&quot: