Second Lynx Found Dead 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is

investigating northern Maine’s second Canada lynx trapping death in

less than a month.

The dead animal was discovered by game wardens Dec. 4 in woods

off a road in Stacyville in Aroostook County. Documents filed in

federal court say human footprints apparently led from the lynx to

a tree that had held a trap.

Because the lynx is listed as a threatened species, two animal

welfare groups have sued Maine’s fish and game department for

allegedly violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing trapping

practices that could ensnare lynx.

The trapper blamed for a Nov. 17 lynx death was not charged

because he apparently misinterpreted state rules meant to avoid

accidental lynx trappings and immediately reported the incident.

No charges have been filed in the latest death.