Outages Remain Throughout State 

Gov. John Baldacci and Central

Maine Power Co. President Sara Burns say it could be well into next

week before power is fully restored in Maine.

Baldacci and Burns met with police, fire and other officials at

a South Portland fire station Saturday morning to discuss

restoration efforts.

Baldacci said the storm is &quot:kind of a mini version&quot: of the

epic ice storm of 1998. A decade ago, the storm was a statewide

event with rural areas particularly hard hit: more than 700,000

people were without power.

This time, the storm was concentrated in the more heavily

populated areas of southern, central and coastal Maine. At the

peak, an estimated 550,000 people didn’t have electricity.

As of Saturday morning, 172,000 homes and businesses in CMP’s

service area are without power. Burns says the goal is to bring

that number down to 100,000 by day’s end.

She says utility crews from Michigan, New York, New Brunswick

and Nova Scotia are on their way to help with the effort.