Weight Watchers 

Set of pre-measured serving spoons – to make portion control easy

Pedometer – to encourage MORE STEPS!

Herbal teas – to satisfy the urge to enjoy a lot of flavor but few or no calories

Fragrant candle – to use instead of food to relax, unwind, or beat stress

Food journal – still the best way to lose weight is to write down EVERYTHING you eat

Fun pen – to encourage use of your food journal

Digital picture keychain – to keep close to you at all time images that remind you why you want to get/stay slim.

Fruit – a sweet treat instead of candy that fills you up and keeps you feeling full longer

Nuts – another treat that is full of nutrients including the healthy omega fatty acids found in fish

Tape measure – a non scale way to track progress

Slow Jams CD – another way to relax without food

HipHop CD – encourages you to get up to &quot:GET DOWN AND GET FUNKY!&quot: fun way to get moving!