Tremont Stand-off 

State Police say they were called to a trailer on Route 102 just after 2 am by a man who claimed he had been threatened by another man with a gun.The caller said thatshots had been fired in his direction.

When Troopers arrived, they say theywere unable toestablish contact with the man inside.

At that point, the State Police Tactical Team was called in.

Troopers finally reached the man by phone, and he was taken into custodyashort timebefore 8 am. He has beenidentified as 46-year-old Scott Kingsbury of Tremont.

Police say that a 49-year-old man and his girlfriend were visiting the house at the time.

&quot:It appears there was some sort of argument inside the home that started in the afternoon, and it escalated throughout those hours.&quot: Said Lt. Christopher Coleman of the Maine State Police, referring to the hours before the situation was called in to police. &quot:One of the things we know happened was a window was broken and the caller was actually struck with a piece of glass, and he received some injuries, some minor injuries to his cheek.&quot:

The woman in the home was not injured in the incident.

Kingsbury is being charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.