Thefts on the Rise 

Thefts and burglaries are on the rise.

State Police say that the number of burglaries has jumped 15% and the number of thefts is up by 13% over last year.

Authorities say the numbers have taken an even steeper climb in the last few months.

They say the nature of the crimes is also changing.

&quot:It seems to be changing a little bit. I think that has to do with the economy.&quot: So said Maine State Police Sgt. Jeffrey Ingemi on Tuesday. &quot:Usually we see a lot of thefts. People stealing metal in order to make a couple of extra bucks, breaking into things, taking expensive things. But people are taking things that are useful items in order to get by.&quot:

State police say some of those things include heating oil, gasoline, firewood, and even meat that was stolen from a freezer.

They advise making sure all doors on cars and homes are locked.