Stolen Property Trial 

60-year-old Evelyn Dempsey of Hampden and 61-year-old Judy Gariepy, who currently lives in Arizona, are charged with theft by receiving stolen property.

Police say they searched Dempsey’s home and a storage unit in April of 2007, and found $13,000 worth of pilfered merchandise. Everything from dish washers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and gas grills.

38-year-old Michael Hughes, who’d been arrested for shoplifting, told police he took the items from stores in Bangor, then Dempsey and Gariepy paid him 20% of the value.

&quot:Mr. Hughes has testified that they knew full well these items were stolen, and that they had in fact given him a shopping list of items for him to steal, and that shopping list was put into evidence.&quot: Penobscot County District Attorney Greg Campbell told TV5 on Monday.

Defense lawyers claim their clients thought that Hughes worked for at least one of the stores the items were taken from, and that’s how he got such tremendous deals.

Hughes has already pled guilty to theft, and is scheduled to be sentenced next week.