Okie Trial 

Letters that were written by Okie to a love interest while Okie was in jail were read aloud.

22-year-old John Okie wrote, &quot:I wish I could change so many thing and go back in time, but I can’t.&quot:

Four letters were read in court by Heather Hudanish, a former classmate who went to the University of Southern Maine with Okie.

Okie went on to say in the letters that the reason he was in jail was because a group of people who claim to be Cuban believe he was the chosen one. Okie then wrote, &quot:I am supposed to bring people to heaven by kissing the person I’m in love with.&quot:

Okie is accused of murdering former high school girlfriend, 19-year-old Alexandra Mills, in July of 2007, and his father, 59-year-old John Okie, six days later in Newcastle.

Okie has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease.