Okie Trial Day 1 

John Okie is charged with killing a former girlfriend and then his father in July of last year.

Okie has pleaded not guilty by reason of a mental disease. He’s on trial in Augusta.

In opening statements Monday, Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson told the jury even though Okie’s had a history of mental illness, he was &quot:perfectly stabilized&quot: at the time of the killings.

Police say in July of 2007, Okie beat to death his former girlfriend, 19-year old Alexandra Mills in the town of Wayne.

He’s accused of stabbing his father, also named John Okie, in Newcastle six days later.

Monday Mill’s father took the stand and talked about finding her body.

Prosecutors showed graphic pictures and a video of the crime scene at the Mill’s home.

The Medical Examiner told jurors Mills had been beaten and repeatedly stabbed before she died.