School Consolidation Meetings 

The state education commissioner is not rejecting a consolidation plan that calls for $2.7 million dollars in additional costs for the proposed Regional School Unit 15, which covers students in Brewer, Dedham, Orrington, Aurora, Clifton, Eddington, and Holden.

School officials were concerned the commissioner might turn down the plan, since the consolidation effort is designed to save schools money.

Brewer superintendent Dan Lee says the increase is based on salary adjustments that would need to be made.

Instead, Lee says Susan Gendron wants part of the plan clarified, including how the districts would re-organize administration, transportation, building maintenance, and special education programs.

Administrators are meeting on Tuesday to discuss changes. They’ll present them to an R.S.U. planning committee Thursday night.

Waterville will be hosting a meeting next Tuesday night (12-09-08)to discuss the issue.

School officials will consider setting a special election in January for residents to vote whether Waterville public schools should share resources with Winslow and Vassalboro schools.

If approved, the school systems would divide transportation, special education, and other costs. They would, however, continue to have separate identities.

38 reorganization plans have been submitted to the department of education. 15 have been approved by the commissioner and voters.

In addition, 34 &quot:alternative&quot: plans have been approved by the commissioner, which do not require voter approval.