Alert Portland landlord found not guilty of manslaughter

Grenade Found in Brewer 

The bomb squad was called to Beatham, Bernier, Seekins and Colpritt on Parkway South just before ten this morning. Peter Beatham says relatives of a client who died a few months ago brought over boxes filled with the client’s belongings. Beatham was digging through one of the boxes in search of a checkbook, when he found a hand grenade instead. He notified Brewer police and within a few minutes, the bomb squad arrived to remove the device.

Peter Beatham, the man who found the grenade said “I guess I was kind of surprised but I reached down and got close enough to touch it and said oop, it’s real. It wasn’t just some decoration they pulled out somewhere. It must have been a memento he had from someplace. I don’t if it’s live or not – maybe it’s not live but it certainly looked real.”

Crews used a bomb robot to remove the grenade so it could be exploded off site.