JB Parkers’ Crab Stuffing For Mushroom Caps, Etc. 


Onion 4 oz
Celery 4 oz
Butter 8 oz
Ritz Crackers 1 lb
Mayonnaise 4 oz
Parmesan 4 oz
Parsley 2 tbsp
Crabmeat 8 oz

Dice onion and celery fine. Put in pan with butter, simmer over low heat until the butter is melted and the onions &amp: celery are translucent.

Crush the ritz crackers in a bowl. Add onion/celery/butter mixture, mayo, parm, parsley. Mix well. Add crabmeat and fold in. Refrigerate 20 minutes until butter sets up and binds the ingredients.

Use appropriate size of product to stuff mushrooms, haddock, shrimp, lobster etc.

The crabmeat can be substituted with sausage and spinach, other seafood, other vegetables. Have fun with it.