Stabbing Charges 

23-year-old Richard Gainer of Searsport, along with 46-year-old Ricky Pomeroy, 21-year-old Thadeous Macleod and 21-year-old Derek Pomeroy, all of Stockton Springs, are charged with elevated aggravated assault.

They appeared in a Belfast courtroom onWednesday: accused of attacking 44-year-old Kirt Damon, senior, at his home in July.

Police say the Pomeroys and Damons have been feuding for years and a group led by Pomeroy went to Damon’s house.

They say both sides pulled out weapons including clubs, knives and a shot gun.

Ricky Pomeroy was stabbed in the back by Damon’s son, Adam. Prosecutors decided not to charge Adam Damon because he was defending his dad.

All four men who were charged are out on bail and are expected to go on trial early next year.