Red Shield Layoffs 

The company says a drop in demand for pulp is to blame, and that’s why the pulp mill won’t be restarted now, either.

111-employees returned to the mill after an investment firm in New York bought it out of bankruptcy for 11.5 million dollars.

Human Resources Director Dan Bird says next week the work crew will drop to about 75.

In the coming weeks, it should bottom out at 50 workers.

Those workers will be used to maintain the biomass boiler, which just went back on-line.

Managers originally expected to have the mill completely operational by now.

The new owner, Lynn Tilton, says despite the sudden drop in pulp pricing, her company’s enthusiasm for the long-term project in Old Town has not waned.

Bird says emergency benefits will be available for those workers who are being laid now.

About 160 people lost their jobs when Red Shield shut down in June.

A couple of dozen remained on site to maintain it for startup.