Trees for Troops 

The trees are part of a program that began in 2005 called Trees for Troops.

&quot:The program has grown to the point where, in 2008, 17,000 or slightly more are being delivered to at least forty military installations around the country, and a few are going overseas as well.&quot: Jim Corliss told TV5 in Tuesday. Corliss is the co-owner of Piper Mountain Christmas Trees.

Members of the Winterport and Dixmont American Legion posts along with Norma and Jim Corliss from Piper Mountain Christmas Trees loaded up a FedEx truck despite the cold rain that was falling.

Nearly 20 growers in Maine donated 300 trees to be shipped out. There will also be ornaments and a note of thanks to the troops who receive the trees.

&quot:There is a card really in each one, they’re all just a like we had the cards printed, it said we appreciate your sacrifice, and please these gifts were given to you by the Women of the Maine Christmas Tree Association and friends.&quot:

Only three years ago did Maine growers get involved in this project. Corliss served in the military, but that’s not why he’s part of Trees for Troops.

&quot:I would feel the same way whether I had or not I don’t think that’s really important. It’s the young families that are out there doing it for us today that’s important.&quot:

&quot:The point of it is to let these people know that we think about them and are trying to help in any way we can.&quot: