Red Cross Real Heroes 

&quot: Somebody came in the lobby and said that somebody had fallen outside in the parking lot, was bleeding and to call 9-1-1. So I went in the parking lot and I saw a gentleman laying down face down and I saw that he was bleeding profusely from the forehead.&quot:

Since he was on his way to a game, Jamie had a bag full of clothes in his truck. So he grabbed his referee socks and applied pressure to try and stop the bleeding.

&quot: While I was attending to him he let out a deep breath and that was it he stopped breathing, checked for a pulse, no pulse, no breathing, and got him turned over with some help from the postmaster, his name is Peter, and again checked the pulse, checked the breathing, and started to become discolored and you could just tell he was not responding so immediately started compressions and worked on him for a few minutes.&quot:

&quot: What seemed like forever, it seemed like a couple of minutes seemed like an hour but still wasn’t getting any where we repositioned him and then out of nowhere a breath and then we stopped and ten another breath and pretty soon we had more steady breathing and from that point on it was wait for the ambulance and go from there.&quot:

Jamie filled in the EMT’s on what had happened and he was taken to the hospital. At that point Jamie didn’t even know the man’s name.

&quot: I have not had contact with him, his companion called me about two weeks later it was late at night and had a really emotional phone call with her, she was at his bedside for that two weeks in the cardiac unit at the hospital in Bangor.&quot:

&quot: The phone call really meant a lot to me, the one thing that surprised me was that he had no real memory of what happened so and she didn’t know of anybody that was there when it happened so I had to walk her through that and that was tough for her but she wanted to hear it and that was gratifying for me that I was able to help her and explain to her what happened cause she had a lot of questions and but she was very very grateful and I’m glad she made the call.&quot:

Jamie has been certified in CPR for years, and this was not his first experience using it.

&quot: I had actually done CPR on my father who had passed away from a heart attack it was unsuccessful, obviously, but that was about twenty years ago. My wife did CPR on a gentleman on a beach in Florida when we were vacationing a couple of years ago and successfully, and I was a little late getting there and I didn’t take part in that but I was there at the tail end of it so yeah I’ve had some experience with it and I’m glad I’ve had the training.&quot:

He was named coach of the year in 2000, he’s an educator, and Jamie used this experience as a teaching point for others.

&quot: Don’t be afraid to jump in, it’s scary you go through a lot of emotions I can remember when things weren’t working at first, I’m thinking I hope I haven’t screwed this up, I don’t want this to end badly you go through almost a dread period, I don’t want to do this but it’s worth it and even if you failed at least you tried and somebody else is going to benefit from it.&quot: