Red Cross Real Heroes 

She worked the overnight shift at Saint Joseph Hospital in Bangor and then spent the morning at her aunt’s apartment at the River House in Brewer.

&quot: Woke up maybe around noon time, my heart was racing and I was very nauseas, very dizzy, so I waited twenty minutes to see if it would go away and realized I had to go to the ER so that’s when I called a friend and they brought me to Saint Joe’s and I was seen and they treated me for dehydration and we had no idea what it was at the time.&quot:

She went home with her friend but around five o’clock on Sunday August third her phone rang.

&quot: My aunt Lisa was found unresponsive at that same building.&quot:

43 year old Lisa Ouellette was admitted to the intensive care unit. Family members from Millinocket came to be with Kristina all of them stayed in the apartment.

Then those same feelings of nausea and dizzyness happened again.

&quot: I woke up and i walked into the living room and i just fell to my knees, cause i felt like i was going to pass out.&quot:

Her aunt Mary Ouellette was on the couch and feeling the same way.

&quot: That’s when she asked me if i knew where joan was and so I looked over and it’s just a one bedroom apartment, it’s very small and her feet were sticking out of the bathroom. She was sitting on the floor so I kind of crawled over to her being dizzy myself, and I went in there and just I looked at her she was just as white as a ghost and her eyes were half open and her head was bobbing from side to side. I shook her and I said Joan what’s going on and she said something that didn’t make any sense. It was like she was looking right through me, and that’s when I realized something was up.&quot:

Then Mary tried to get off the couch to help.

&quot: And I think she did this twice, she stood up again, hit the wall again and this time when she fell to her knees her head hit the floor and she had a cut right above her eye and it started bleeding.&quot:

Even suffering from her own symptons, Kristina’s nursing instincts took over and she realized this was not normal.

&quot: I don’t know what it was I don’t know if it was you know God telling me or if it was my grandfather who’s up in Heaven, and I said I think we have, I think it’s something in this apartment and that’s when I finally realized I think we have carbon monoxide poisoning.&quot:

So she made it to the phone – called 911 and told them what was going on. All of them were taken to Saint Joseph Hospital and treated for carbon monoxide poisoining.

21 residents were evacuated out of the building for a carbon monoxide leak, that occurred because a vent pipe was separated from a new water heater.

Kristina and her aunts are still not over the effects and it has changed their outlook on life.

&quot: Physically we’re doing ok I think I’m doing the best out of anybody because I’m young and recover better. But emotionally we just came closer together as a family. You take life for granted sometimes until something serious like this happens.&quot:

&quot: It’s been a wonderful experience in the sense that I’m able to just open up more to people and tell them how I feel everyday. You can’t give people too many hugs, you can’t tell them you love em enough, you never know how long your life’s gonna be so you just want to live everyday like it’s your last.&quot: