More Charges For Hofland 

Police in Searsport say they’ve recovered thousands of dollars worth of what could be stolen goods from the home of a man accused of holding children hostage in Stockton springs lastmonth. Police searched Randall Hofland’s home late last week, looking for property owned by Captain George Perkins of Stockton Springs.

Chief Dick Lahaye says Hofland was Perkins’s caretaker between 2001 and 2004. Hofland is also accused of pointing a gun at a Searsport police officer last month. Aweek later he showed up at the Stockton Springs elementary school. Police say he kidnapped eleven students. Hofland’s in jail on a million dollars bail. He’s charged with kidnapping and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. Chief Lahaye expects he’ll face more charges in connection with Captain Perkins missing property.