&quot:Someone is Methodist versus Christian, so if you say Pagan, that may include someone who is Wiccan but someone who is Wiccan, that is more like the denomination versus the broader faith.&quot:

Some of the nearly 80 people that attend the Temple of the Feminine Divine on Central Street in Bangor have gone on a long spiritual journey to arrive at their beliefs.

&quot:This is the one faith that I have found that respects and honors the good in all faiths.&quot:

&quot:My faith gives me strength to get through the hardships that anyone might have during life, it provides solace for me, comfort.&quot:

Most pagans view their religion as very personal and structure it based on their own history, for the most part, their spirituality is earth based, they believe all are of the earth and that all should be treated fairly and equally.

&quot:Harm none, do what you will which does not imply that you can do anything that you want to, it implies that you harm none and that’s with thoughts, actions and most believe in what they call a three fold law which is whatever you send out comes back to you three fold.&quot:

Temple members hold rituals around the altar and the four points of the altar represent the four points on the compass.

East symbolizes air, South is equal to fire, West is water and the North represents the earth.

Some call themselves witches, no there are no cauldrons, or black cats, but yes there are spells.

&quot:We would never do any kind of spell or prayer for someone without their permission, it’s not I want to get even with someone so I’m going to send them bad luck or I want someone to really care about me so I’m going to make them fall in love with me, that’s manipulation.&quot:

For someone like Deanna, who grew up in a Catholic family and is studying to become a Priestess, it became clear this was the right path for her when a friend took her to a ritual.

&quot:At that ritual it was a light bulb moment for me because it brought together everything I had on my own been experiencing and believing and so in that sense it didn’t come to me, I came to it.&quot:

One of the reasons Pagans in Maine are not as mainstream is by design, the members don’t want a lack of knowledge about their beliefs to be the cause of a backlash against them at work, among their families or in society.

Tomorrow, we explore some of the discrimination they face.