New Law to Effect Maine Adoptees 

Any adult adoptee that was born in Maine, and would like to receive a copy of their original birth certificate when the new law takes effect, can now contact Jon Hachey at the following address and provide him with the information we will need to locate their records:

Jon Hachey
Office of Vital Records
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Maine Department of Health and Human Services
244 Water Street
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0011

Email: [email protected]

We will need the following information, in order to locate the appropriate file: the name after adoption, the date of birth, and the town of birth (if known). We will also need to know the relationship of the requestor to the adoptee (i.e., same person, son, daughter, etc.). Contact information for the requestor should be included, so that we can get back to them if we have any questions. In order to receive a copy of their original birth certificate, an adoptee will still need to formally apply when the forms become available: however, when we receive a completed application, we will match it with the pre-processed records and complete the request.

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