Moores Trial Underway 

The trial is underway for a man accused of killing a woman in Bangor in 2007. 59-year-old Ashton Moores has pleaded not guilty. He’s accused of killing 43-year old Christina Simonin. Her body was found in a parking lot near an apartment house at 148 Union St. Two teenagers who discovered the body say it was wrapped in a comforter and a tarp, tied off with rope and placed under a car in a parking lot near the apartment. The state questioned the two teens, along with another witnesses, police, a medical examiner, and a young man who lived in Moores’ apartment building. Moores’ former neighbor testified that he heard loud banging and yelling coming from Moores’ apartment the night the murder is believed to have occurred. He also saw Moores walking back to his apartment around 4:30 the following morning with a wheel barrel and shovels. The blue tarp that the victim was discovered in was identified during the trial as a mattress cover. A blue mattress cover resembling the one the victim was found in was seen outside of Moores’ apartment just days before the murder. The prosecution is confident in their case at this point. The defense claims the state should have focused on several other potential suspects instead of Moores. They also say a murder weapon was never found and there’s no motive. The trial will resume at 9 Tuesday morning. Ashton Moores is already a convicted arsonist and killer. He set fire to several homes in Waterville, Belfast and Orono.