Family Dog Shot 

The Gerrish family’s nightmare started Sunday afternoon when Max, their 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel escaped out a door that was left ajar.

Max was an inside dog, and the Gerrish’s spent hours searching for him. When he finally made it home that night he had been shot in the abdomen.

Vets worked through the night to save him, but he slipped into a coma and never woke up.

&quot:If they were irritated or mad he was in their yard and they were trying to teach him a lesson and get him out of their yard then they need to know that gun is a little more powerful than they thought. If it was deliberate it’s just wrong.&quot: Max’s owner, Vicki Gerrish told TV5 on Wednesday.

The Gerrishs say they want the person found so the same thing doesn’t happen to another family.

The Gouldsboro police are asking for help in the case. Anyone with information is being asked to call them at 963-5589.