Attorney General Debate 

The race for the Blaine House is still two years away, but one name has already surfaced as a candidate.

That name belongs to outgoing Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe.

He’s reached his current term limit, and a new Maine Attorney General will be elected in December.

Three legislators are vying to be the 55th person to hold the post.

They are John Brautigam of Falmouth, Sean Faircloth of Bangor, and Janet Mills of Farmington. All three are Democrats.

Late Wednesday afternoon, a debate began at the Saint Paul Center in Augusta before a crowd of fellow lawmakers. It’s the first debate of it’s kind among A.G. candidates.

Each candidate was asked about their top priority.

&quot:I don’t bring my own agenda to this, but of course I want to continue the great work Steve Rowe did protecting civil rights, children, keeping alcohol out of hands of kids it’s very important.&quot: Brautigam said during yesterday’s debate. &quot:But to me the most important thing is to do an excellent job as a state lawyer and advising the agencies.&quot:

Janet Mills had a list of things she’d like to focus on:
&quot:Biggest priority for the Attorney General’s office is public safety and consumer protection. Consumer protection encompassing energy issues, unlawful trade practices, lemon law, anti-trust: things like that. Public safety: including domestic violence, elder abuse, white collar fraud.&quot:

&quot:I would not necessarily say I would lock down on 1 or 2 priorities first of all.&quot: Said Sean Faircloth in response to the question. &quot:Certainly over my 20 year career I’ve been successful in initiating improvements in the justice system in general and initiating improvements for the improvements of children in the state of Maine certainly those 2 priorities will be high on my list, but I am very open to listening.&quot:

The Maine Democratic and Republican parties will nominate a candidate on December 2nd.