Sharon’s Home For the Holiday 

30-year-old Sharon Alley was born with her legs behind her ears. She was born in that awkward shape because of a disease similar to M.S.

The disease affects the muscles, tissues, and nerves of Sharon’s body.

Although now able to sit in a chair, Sharon still cannot lift her arms.

She is living in a Milbridge nursing home right now. Her parents have some medical issues that won’t allow them to take care of her completely.

All she wants is to be home with her family in time for the holidays.

&quot:Last Christmas I was in the hospital and didn’t get to have a Christmas so I really want to be home for it.&quot: Sharon Alley told TV5 on Monday.

The Alley family says Sharon’s physical challenges have never kept her from doing things. But they do limit her mobility.

And with the holidays fast approaching, the Alley family says they need some help to make their daughter’s wish come true.

They need more people to help with her care a few hours a day.

They also need a handicapped van and a new ramp at their home.

&quot:If they could find compassion in their hearts to reach out to us and help us it would be much appreciated.&quot: Said Sharon’s mother, Bonnie Alley.

Anyone who would like to help can call them at 497-5594.